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Simple Mug

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Handcrafted and glazed in a forest green finish, this Simple Mug is perfect for sipping a hot cup of tea or enjoying an ice-cold soda.

This mug is designed to enhance your everyday drinking experience. Its minimalist design and comfortable grip make it an essential piece in your drinkware collection.

Color: Forest Green

Size: (W X H): 8.5 x 9 cm*

Material: Stoneware clay (ceramics)

Volume: 325ml*

*all volumes are an approximation as every piece is unique and slightly different

To keep your ceramic ware in pristine condition, simply hand-wash it with dish soap for a lasting and beautiful finish.

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"From the intricate details to the overarching design ethos, Ves has redefined what it means to curate a home with both style and substance."