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Boro Mug

Boro Mug

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The Boro Mug, characterised by its robust rounded shape and distinct handle, reflects our commitment to craftsmanship. A proud member of the Boro collection, it's designed with the idea of fullness in mind. This mug effortlessly blends art with utility, presenting contemporary elegance in each sip and setting.

Colour: Forest Green

Dimensions: 8cm (w) x 6.7cm (h)*

Materials: Stoneware clay (ceramics)

*all volumes are an approximation as every piece is unique and slightly different

To keep your ceramic ware in pristine condition, simply hand-wash it with dish soap for a lasting and beautiful finish.

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"From the intricate details to the overarching design ethos, Ves has redefined what it means to curate a home with both style and substance."