Lloyd's Inn

Celebrating the grand canvas of nature, ves.Studio has collaborated with boutique hotel Lloyd's Inn to craft the Shinkai & Yūgen teacups. These pieces, each speaking volumes about the sea and forest, are a testimony to our collective admiration for the natural world.

Shinkai paints a vivid picture of the ocean's might and mystery. Layered shades of blue, each cup sculpted individually, capture the perpetual motion of the ocean, each pattern unique as if mirroring the ocean's capricious waves.

Contrastingly, Yūgen delves into the deep, emotional connectivity we share with the earth. Drawing inspiration from the quietude of lush forests, we've employed earthy green hues and abstract brush strokes to replicate the sense of a serene retreat into the woods.

The Shinkai & Yūgen collection encapsulates the essence of the sea and forest, immersing the beholder in their beauty with every use.