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How to sign up for course? 

Please go to Course to see the available courses and click the sign up button under each description.

How much are your courses?

You will find the the prices of our courses at the bottom of each course description. 

Do you have one-off workshops? 

No, we do not. This is because we focus mainly on courses that will allow us to teach students the start to end of the pottery technique, such as wedging, throwing, trimming and glazing.

What course should I take if am a complete beginner? 

Pottery usually begins with hand-building so for absolute beginners we will recommend hand-building before getting to wheel-throwing. Handbuilding allows you to get acquainted with clay and its properties. It is also an important foundation to have so you can complement your pieces on the wheel later on as well.

Can I visit your shop?

We are more of a class and production studio. You may visit our online shop to view available pieces instead. And if you really want to see the selected piece(s) in person, you may write to us at to book an appointment.

What if I have signed up and can't make it for the classes?

As we only offer structured courses that have been planned weeks beforehand, we ask for your commitment after signing up as there is strictly no refunds or exchanges for credits.

Can I sign up for Open User Scheme if I did not learn from ves?

Yes you can. However, to make good use of your time during the Open User's, we only accept sign ups if you have taken at least one Intro to to Wheel Throwing course and one Wheel Throwing Extension course at ves, or the equivalent (12-15 classes) at another studio. 

Can I park at the studio for class?

There are no parking lots at the studio. Please kindly park in the nearby public parking space.