Bynd Artisan

Dwelling, both as a verb and a noun, encapsulates the essence of serene existence. The Dwell Collection, our collaborative masterpiece with Bynd Artisan, seeks to embody this very essence.

As, we have merged ceramic and leather to create a collection of five meticulously designed home-decor pieces. Crafted with devotion, each piece showcases the unique character of our Stoneware clay ceramics, shaped by hand or wheel-thrown with care.

The application of a distinctive white glaze, symbolizing patience and surrender, enhances their beauty and resilience. Simultaneously, the vegetable-tanned leather complements the ceramics with its comforting touch and audacity. Together, they form an everlasting assortment — encompassing a cup, vase, tray, planter, and platter — translating poetry and philosophy into tangible forms of function.